High’s Mini Nail Station (only Led Lamp and Box)
9 March 2017
HIGH’S Nutritive and Moisturizing Hand Mask, Long
4 April 2017
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HIGH’S Nutritive and Moisturizing Foot Mask, Long


  • No More Dry Hands
  • Special Design
  • Easy And Convenient
  • Time Saving
  • Use It Anywhere

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Remove the nail/gel polish and file the nails.

Ware the Gloves and stick tightly.

Waiting for 15~20 minutes.

Remove the gloves and you can work the cuticles after use the gloves.






Distribute the emollient evenly over the gloves by nail file

There is a sticker in the wrist to fix the gloves tightly.

Massage gently, especial the joint of hands to get a better result.












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Dimensions 9.37 × 7.20 × 0.47 in

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